Winter Wonderland

Yes, it’s common to have snow in December in many parts of America, but not here in Georgia. It was something special to wake up to a winter wonderland this morning. Enjoy it! The sun will come out and it will most likely all be gone by this afternoon!

Take advantage of it and get out there and build a snowman! And, since we’re talking about snowmen, let’s take a look at a few of them we have at Junk Mama’s General Store.

Come pick up one of our many snowman ornaments and it will remind you of this December snow every year when you place it on your tree.

Snow days are perfect for baking cookies! Why not keep them in a cute snowman cookie jar?

We have a large variety of snowman dishes! This set also has plates & glasses…

Don’t forget something to serve the hot cocoa in…

This pillow will be cute on your couch all winter long!

And, who doesn’t love a snow globe?

The sun will come out, the snow will melt, but you can have winter in your heart and in your house with a quick trip to Junk Mama’s!

Trim The Tree

It’s time to trim the Christmas tree! And, at Junk Mama’s General Store we have an abundance of ornaments to fit any decorating style.

Oh how we love vintage! And, these vintage ornaments can’t be found at any big box store!

Show your State pride with these beautiful Georgia ornaments…

And, who doesn’t love birds on their Christmas tree?!!!

Handmade ornaments make any tree extra special.

Oh deer! These are cute!

Our eclectic mix of ornaments is sure to make your Christmas tree extra special.

Come see us at Junk Mama’s & let us help trim your tree to perfection!

The Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch at Junk Mama’s General Store!

We have a large variety of pumpkins to fit any decorating style.

Start by greeting your guests with a pumpkin wreath or sign…




Then serve your guests a treat on a pumpkin plate…


What would a Fall centerpiece be without a pumpkin?


We have straw pumpkins…


We have fabric & decoupaged pumpkins…


And to add a little glam to your decor, we have glitter and metallic pumpkins…


This pumpkin will be the star of your decor…


This pumpkin with a witch and black cat is too adorable to scare the children…


We have metal pumpkins…


And, it wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins that light up!


Here’s another way to light up your Fall decor…


And, of course, you’ll need some pumpkin jewelry!


Hurry in to Junk Mama’s General Store before all the pumpkins leave the patch!

Handcrafted Vintage Style

There was a time when households were filled with vintage linens. They not only added beauty to a table, they helped protect it. Whether it was mom, grandma, or an aunt, someone in the family knew the art of embroidery. Sadly, hand stitched embroidery has become a lost art. Luckily, there are places like Junk Mama’s General Store that can help you add touches of this lost art to your home. We have a large selection of embroidered linens and get in more everyday! Here are a few examples…

JM linens1F

JM linens1E

JM linens1D

JM linens1G

And, let’s don’t forget about the beautiful crocheted doilies that adorned many a table back in the day…

JM linens1B

JM linens1A

There was a time when even the dish rags and hot pads were beautifully handcrafted…

JM linens1C

Stop by Junk Mama’s soon and fill your home with touches of vintage craftsmanship!

Strawberry Season

Come on in to Junk Mama’s General Store for some strawberry pickin’.

No, not the kind you eat… the kind that will add a delicious touch to your home decor!

jm strawberry1A

jm strawberry1F

jm strawberry1C

We can brighten your day with a strawberry lamp!

jm strawberry1H

We have strawberry linens…

jm strawberry1D

jm strawberry1E

How about a sachet to make your drawer smell sweet?

jm strawberry1G

Oh look… we do have strawberries you can eat, in the form of jam. Delicious!

jm strawberry1B

Don’t let strawberry season pass you by. Come see us at Junk Mama’s General Store for some sweet deals!

jm strawberry1