Fun Times

If you’ve never been to one of our fun evening events at Junk Mama’s General Store, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

For instance, we recently hosted a Pinterest Party. We made scrumptious recipes that we found on Pinterest…

jm pinterest party2CRather than giving out recipe cards, you just had to snap a picture of the recipe with your smart phone…

jm pinterest party2LAnd, there were plenty of recipes that were photo worthy…

jm pinterest party2I

jm pinterest party2J  jm pinterest party2G

jm pinterest party2M

The big hit of the night was our mimosa bar…

jm pinterest party2N

jm pinterest party2O

And, of course, we had a non-alcoholic treat that was just as delicious…

jm pinterest party2K

Now, this is a fun idea that we are happy to share… design and print out labels for water bottles…

jm pinterest party2H

We even had a super easy Pinterest craft for everyone to make and take…

jm pinterest party2A

jm pinterest party2D

Doesn’t that look like fun?

More recently, we had a Girl’s Night Out. We stayed open late for some awesome extended shopping hours. And, of course, we had refreshments.

jm girls night6A

jm girls night6E

jm girls night6D

jm girls night6C

jm girls night6F

jm girls night6B

But, the event that is most near and dear to our hearts, is our Relay For Life Wine Tasting event. Three of the Junk Mama’s, Cindy, Christine, & Valrey, are all cancer survivors. We are blessed to have them in the Junk Mama family, so it is important for us to do our part in helping find a cure for this awful disease. So, why not support the American Cancer Society and have a lot of fun at the same time?!!!

Check out these happy faces from a previous wine tasting event for Relay For Life…

JM wine tasting2015D

JM wine tasting2015B

JM wine tasting2015A

JM wine tasting15A

Mark your calendars, and make plans to join us for our upcoming Relay For Life Wine Tasting event at Junk Mama’s General Store, and let’s help put an end to cancer!

jm wine tasting 2017A

Changing & Rearranging

The next time you visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store, you will see some changes. If you’ve been a customer for awhile, you know it’s quite common for us to change things up.

We are sad to say that our dear Junk Mama, Dawn has retired. She will always be a part of the junk mama family and we hope that we will still see her a lot!

With Dawn moving out of the butler’s pantry, that created a snowball effect of changing and rearranging. So, here’s what has been going on…

Dawn moves out and Mignon moves into the butler’s pantry…

JM maria and more1P

JM maria and more1Q

JM maria and more1O

JM maria and more1N

When Mignon moved into the butler’s pantry, she left 2 spaces vacant in the side room. So, Kelli moved over into one of those spaces…

JM maria and more1M Kelli & Patty are sharing the other space…

JM maria and more1L

JM maria and more1IAnd, Patty has added some extra storage to her existing space…

JM maria and more1G

JM maria and more1H

Are you keeping up so far? If so, then you know that that left Kelli’s space empty. So, Brittany moved out of the hall and into Kelli’s old space…

JM maria and more1J

JM maria and more1K

So what about Brittany’s space? Well, we are happy to announce the arrival of a new mama! We are thrilled to have our long time loyal customer and friend, Maria, as a new part of the Junk Mama family.

JM maria and more1A

JM maria and more1B

JM maria and more1E

JM maria and more1D

JM maria and more1C

JM maria and more1F

Make sure you come to see us soon and check out the changing and rearranging. We know you’re going to love it!

Throwback Thursday…Holiday Open House

It’s Thursday! And with our HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE happening this Friday, November 10, & Saturday, November 11, we thought we’d throwback to some of our previous festivities!

Let’s stroll down memory lane and start on our pretty porch. If you are a regular, you know that we change the porch every month. Let’s take a look back at our Christmas porch…




And, you know we always have good food…






Last year we had fun with an Instagram booth…






The best part of this THROWBACK THURSDAY is looking back at the wonderful memories shared with our great customers. So many of you have become our friends. We are thankful for you all!




Make your plans to join us this Friday & Saturday from 10am until 5pm and be part of the wonderful memories we’ll create for Christmas 2016!

As always, thank you for your business!

Think Outside The Planter Box

When it comes to plants, often times we stick to using traditional flower pots. And, of course, we have plenty of those at Junk Mama’s General Store.

jm flower pots1ATry and think outside the box and add interest to your garden with planters that are out of the ordinary. Watering cans are a normal garden item, but why not use them as a planter or vase?

jm flower pots1B

Metal buckets make great planters…

jm flower pots1I

jm flower pots1H

So do metal tins…

jm flower pots1M

Kitchen items such as enamel pots, bread boxes, colanders, & crocks make great planters…

jm flower pots1F

jm flower pots1E

jm flower pots1J

jm flower pots1K

jm flower pots1L

Wouldn’t this copper box look great filled with plants?

jm flower pots1C

Teapots and pitchers also add a unique twist to a garden…

jm flower pots1GThe next time you visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store, think outside the planter box and pick out something unique to add to your garden!

How To Use Dixie Dirt

Want to age decorative items or furniture? 
Well, put a little dirt on it…
Dixie Dirt, that is!
This tin ceiling tile had been painted white and lightly sanded. And that’s exactly how it looked…painted and sanded.
 Dixie Dirt from The Dixie Belle Paint Company will add more of a natural looking age effect. And, it’s easy peasy!
Start by adding clear wax…
Dip a paintbrush into the Dixie Dirt. Give it a tap to remove the excess dirt.
Paint the dirt onto the wax, concentrating in the recessed areas and grooves.
It will look a little heavy, or too dirty, at this point…
Use a rag to rub off some of the dirt until you achieve the desired look…
Perfectly aged…
and so easy!


What will you put some dirt on?


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