Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe, but this is the last week of school! Don’t forget to show your appreciation for your child’s teacher. Visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store and let us help you pick out the perfect teacher gift.

Here are just a few suggestions for things that we think will make a great teacher gift…

Tradition says that you should give the teacher an apple! So, how about an apple pin?

jm teacher gift1O

jm teacher gift1N

Or an apple scented candle?

jm teacher gift1C

We have lots of other varieties of candles too…

jm teacher gift1B

And, while we’re talking about things that smell wonderful, soaps and lotions are always a good gift option. We have scents for men too!

jm teacher gift1F

How about sachets to delight the senses?

jm teacher gift1M

These Fayetteville, Peachtree City, & Atlanta mugs have been a big hit!

jm teacher gift1D

And, who wouldn’t love a mug filled with a yummy treat?

jm teacher gift1E

Or, you could treat the teacher with jewelry!!!

jm teacher gift1P

jm teacher gift1Q

jm teacher gift1T

jm teacher gift1R

jm teacher gift1S

Every teacher need a lanyard. Well, guess what? Junk Mama’s has those too!

jm teacher gift1J

jm teacher gift1K

Junk Mama’s has a large variety of art that would be perfect for home or the classroom…

jm teacher gift1G

jm teacher gift1H

jm teacher gift1I

Speaking of art, these Georgia dish towels are almost too pretty to use…

jm teacher gift1A

You can never have too many notepads & journals!!!

jm teacher gift1L

This is just a small sampling of items available at Junk Mama’s General Store that would delight any teacher. Come see us and pick up a little something to send your child’s teacher off into summer vacation. And, if it’s  too hard to decide on something, you can always pick up a gift certificate!

JM mom1M

We hope to see you this week at Junk Mama’s before the final bell rings on another school year!

The Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch at Junk Mama’s General Store!

We have a large variety of pumpkins to fit any decorating style.

Start by greeting your guests with a pumpkin wreath or sign…




Then serve your guests a treat on a pumpkin plate…


What would a Fall centerpiece be without a pumpkin?


We have straw pumpkins…


We have fabric & decoupaged pumpkins…


And to add a little glam to your decor, we have glitter and metallic pumpkins…


This pumpkin will be the star of your decor…


This pumpkin with a witch and black cat is too adorable to scare the children…


We have metal pumpkins…


And, it wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins that light up!


Here’s another way to light up your Fall decor…


And, of course, you’ll need some pumpkin jewelry!


Hurry in to Junk Mama’s General Store before all the pumpkins leave the patch!

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

As you walk around Junk Mama’s General Store, you’ll notice the abundance of roses. It is Spring after all… time for blooming roses, bees, and warm weather.

Let’s take a stroll through the “rose garden” and see if there are any roses you’d like to pick for your home!

These roses will last for years to come. And, there are no thorns!

JM roses1A

JM roses1F

JM roses1G

JM roses1E

JM roses1C

JM roses1H

JM roses1D

JM roses1B

JM roses1J

JM roses1I

JM roses1K

Light up any room with a lovely rose covered lamp…

JM roses1L

JM roses1M

JM roses1N

Once you have your lamps in place, you can add some beautiful artwork…

JM roses1Z4

JM roses1Z5

JM roses1Z6

JM roses1Z7

JM roses1Z8

JM roses1Z3

JM roses1Z9

Then you can add this beautiful folding screen…

JM roses1S

Need a doorstop?

JM roses1Z21

The rose detail on this shelf is lovely…

JM roses1O

Here are a few things you could add to this or any shelf…

JM roses1P

JM roses1Q

JM roses1R

What would you keep in these pretty rose covered boxes?

JM roses1V

JM roses1U

JM roses1W

JM roses1T

The trend in table settings is mismatched dishes. Stock up on a variety of rose covered china at Junk Mama’s General Store. We have lots of sets already bundled up and ready to take home…

JM roses1X

and, lots more to add to your collection…

JM roses1Z2

JM roses1Z1

JM roses1Z

JM roses1Y

These hand painted decorative plates and metal trays are lovely…

JM roses1Z10

JM roses1Z11

JM roses1Z12

JM roses1Z13

JM roses1Z14

JM roses1Z16

JM roses1Z15

We’ve even got you covered on the fashion end with this awesome purse…

JM roses1Z17

and vintage jewelry…

JM roses1Z18

As you can see, everything’s coming up roses at Junk Mama’s General Store!

Stop by and check out our variety of rose inspired items and so much more!

Jewelry Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Earth Mama’s General Store has a wide variety of jewelry to fit any woman’s taste. Here are just a few examples of what is currently in the store.

We have inspirational jewelry…

EM jewelry1V

EM jewelry1B

We know a few of you live by this motto…

EM jewelry1W

We have a large selection of jewelry by Purple Lily Designs…

EM jewelry1T

EM jewelry1C

EM jewelry1X

We have beaded jewelry…

EM jewelry1E

EM jewelry1L

We have rings, and watches, and brooches, oh my!

EM jewelry1F

EM jewelry1G

EM jewelry1M

EM jewelry1N

We have brightly colored jewelry…

EM jewelry1O

EM jewelry1P

EM jewelry1J

We even have something for the cowgirl at heart…

EM jewelry1H

We have religious themed jewelry…

EM jewelry1R

EM jewelry1S

Check out these beauties…

EM jewelry1D

EM jewelry1K

EM jewelry1I

Since Independence Day is just a few days away, how about showing your patriotism with this USA necklace?


We have several map necklaces, including Fayette County, Atlanta, Savannah, St. Simons/Jekyll Island, & Lake Lanier. We will even custom make a map necklace with any city you want!

EM jewelry1A

There is so much more to see at Earth Mama’s General Store! So hurry in soon and treat yourself to something special!

Think Outside The Box

Do you think outside the box? Do you always use things for their intended purpose or do you get creative and use them in other ways? We’ve put together a few items that we think could be used in unique ways.

When you look at this vintage cooler, do you only see a cooler? We see a unique table. Attach a round wooden top to it and you have a functional conversation piece. Wooden table tops are available at home improvement stores and are inexpensive.

EM Think1D

Although you could bake in this pan, forget about it! It would be great in a drawer used to hold jewelry. Or, if you make jewelry, it would be a perfect way to keep your beads sorted!

EM Think1B

Having a party? Wouldn’t your guests have a chuckle if your utensils were displayed in this head vase? Or, use it to hold straws.

EM Think1C

Shoe shine box? Nah! Roll up towels and store them in the box. Use the top as a shelf to place toiletries. Or, use it to hold extra rolls of toilet paper!

EM Think1A

This hoosier doesn’t have to be used in a kitchen. It would make a great desk in a kids room!

EM Think1E

Do you have any other ideas on how to use these items? We’d love to hear from you!