Project Pieces

Do you enjoy DIY projects? Well, look no further for your next project than Junk Mama’s General Store! We have lots of pieces ready to be painted. And, of course, we have the paint and all the accessories to help you get started.

Want to start with something small? These candlesticks would be a great project for the novice or the expert…

jm project piece1C

Need a coffee table? This one would look great painted.

jm project piece1A

How about a desk?

jm project piece1E

jm project piece1F

Maybe these pieces are more what you are looking for…

jm project piece1H

jm project piece1D

jm project piece1B

Remember the sewing table we recently shared on Facebook that had been turned into a drink station? Well, here’s your opportunity to make one for yourself…

jm project piece1G

Think of all the things you could do with these shutters and cabinet door frames!

jm project piece1I

What would you do with these old doors and windows?

jm project piece1J

Whether you are newbie or an expert at DIY, Junk Mama’s is the place to look for your next project!

Think Outside The Planter Box

When it comes to plants, often times we stick to using traditional flower pots. And, of course, we have plenty of those at Junk Mama’s General Store.

jm flower pots1ATry and think outside the box and add interest to your garden with planters that are out of the ordinary. Watering cans are a normal garden item, but why not use them as a planter or vase?

jm flower pots1B

Metal buckets make great planters…

jm flower pots1I

jm flower pots1H

So do metal tins…

jm flower pots1M

Kitchen items such as enamel pots, bread boxes, colanders, & crocks make great planters…

jm flower pots1F

jm flower pots1E

jm flower pots1J

jm flower pots1K

jm flower pots1L

Wouldn’t this copper box look great filled with plants?

jm flower pots1C

Teapots and pitchers also add a unique twist to a garden…

jm flower pots1GThe next time you visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store, think outside the planter box and pick out something unique to add to your garden!

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

As you walk around Junk Mama’s General Store, you’ll notice the abundance of roses. It is Spring after all… time for blooming roses, bees, and warm weather.

Let’s take a stroll through the “rose garden” and see if there are any roses you’d like to pick for your home!

These roses will last for years to come. And, there are no thorns!

JM roses1A

JM roses1F

JM roses1G

JM roses1E

JM roses1C

JM roses1H

JM roses1D

JM roses1B

JM roses1J

JM roses1I

JM roses1K

Light up any room with a lovely rose covered lamp…

JM roses1L

JM roses1M

JM roses1N

Once you have your lamps in place, you can add some beautiful artwork…

JM roses1Z4

JM roses1Z5

JM roses1Z6

JM roses1Z7

JM roses1Z8

JM roses1Z3

JM roses1Z9

Then you can add this beautiful folding screen…

JM roses1S

Need a doorstop?

JM roses1Z21

The rose detail on this shelf is lovely…

JM roses1O

Here are a few things you could add to this or any shelf…

JM roses1P

JM roses1Q

JM roses1R

What would you keep in these pretty rose covered boxes?

JM roses1V

JM roses1U

JM roses1W

JM roses1T

The trend in table settings is mismatched dishes. Stock up on a variety of rose covered china at Junk Mama’s General Store. We have lots of sets already bundled up and ready to take home…

JM roses1X

and, lots more to add to your collection…

JM roses1Z2

JM roses1Z1

JM roses1Z

JM roses1Y

These hand painted decorative plates and metal trays are lovely…

JM roses1Z10

JM roses1Z11

JM roses1Z12

JM roses1Z13

JM roses1Z14

JM roses1Z16

JM roses1Z15

We’ve even got you covered on the fashion end with this awesome purse…

JM roses1Z17

and vintage jewelry…

JM roses1Z18

As you can see, everything’s coming up roses at Junk Mama’s General Store!

Stop by and check out our variety of rose inspired items and so much more!

Tea Time

jm tea time

Spring has sprung! And, the blooming flowers and singing birds have us reminiscing about days gone by when Spring was the time to have the ladies over for a tea party. With a trip to Junk Mama’s General Store, we can help you bring back that tradition.

Need tea cups? We have some beautiful sets…

jm tea time1

jm tea time4

jm tea time3

jm tea time2

jm tea time5

Maybe you prefer the trend of mismatched teacups. We’ve got you covered there too…

jm tea time8

jm tea time9

jm tea time6

jm tea time7

We even have beautiful sets of mismatched teacups and dishes bundled up and ready for you to take home…

jm tea time13

jm tea time12

jm tea time11

We have a variety of unique teapots…

jm tea time18

jm tea time17

jm tea time16

jm tea time15

jm tea time14

jm tea time19

And, of course, we have a tea cart!

jm tea time10

Visit Junk Mama’s General Store today to stock up on items for your next tea party. Pinky up, sip, enjoy!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here comes Peter Cottontail,

hopping down the bunny trail,

hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way!

jm bunny2016IAt Junk Mama’s General Store, we have plenty of Peters’ bunny friends to help you get in the spirit of Easter.

We have ceramic bunnies…

jm bunny2016Q

jm bunny2016L

jm bunny2016F

jm bunny2016R

jm bunny2016O

and, resin bunnies…

jm bunny2016C

and, even metal bunnies…

jm bunny2016Z

Wouldn’t this set of salt & pepper bunnies be cute on your table?

jm bunny2016P

This glass bunny dish is just waiting to be filled with Easter candy…

jm bunny2016K

We have bunnies hiding in baskets of flowers…

jm bunny2016E

and, bunny planters waiting to be filled with flowers…

jm bunny2016G

jm bunny2016S

Don’t you love this bunny pillow?

jm bunny2016X

And, we bet a little someone you know would love this bunny chair…

jm bunny2016W

That little someone would also love these bunny dishes…

jm bunny2016A

Wouldn’t the kids Easter picture look sweet in this frame?

jm bunny2016M

We have bunny art…

jm bunny2016U

jm bunny2016J

jm bunny2016ZZ

jm bunny2016Y

jm bunny2016V

At Junk Mama’s you’ll also find stuffed bunnies and bunny books…

jm bunny2016T

jm bunny2016N

jm bunny2016B

One of our stuffed bunnies is made of wood!

jm bunny2016D

This sweet little boy holding a bunny would be adorable in your garden…

jm bunny2016H

Hop on down the trail to Junk Mama’s General Store and check out all our wonderful items to help you decorate for Easter. It’s on its way, you know?

Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe that it is 2016! Thank you to all of our loyal customers!!! We look forward to a great year at Junk Mama’s General Store and growing our business. We have some fun things planned for the year.

If you are a regular customer, then you have seen our chair in the front room change for every season. If you haven’t seen it, then here is a little history…

The upholstered chair started like this…pumpkin chair1A

In October of 2014, our resident artist painted the chair, fabric and all, with a pumpkin theme for Fall.

pumpkin chair1F

pumpkin chair1P

In November of that year, the pumpkins got turned into ornaments for Christmas…

evolving chair1

The chair celebrated the new year in 2015…

new years chair

And, it wasn’t long before hearts graced the chair for Valentine’s Day…

evolving chair val1a

There have been more changes to the chair since then, and for 2016, we decided that a new color scheme was in order. So, we gave the arms and legs of the chair a fresh coat of Buttercream from The Dixie Belle Paint Company and the fabric got an update with Dixie Belle’s color The Gulf.

jm evolving chair1

The chair looks pretty like that. But, you know we can’t leave it alone! Help us come up with a design. Email us at with your ideas.

Do It Yourself

Are you a DIY fanatic? Or, do you just dabble in DIY projects? Maybe you want to do it yourself but are intimidated?

JM diy

Whether you are a pro at do it yourself projects, or are just getting started, Junk Mama’s General Store can provide you with great pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. Here are just a few of the pieces that we have in the store now that given a little attention would be beautiful.

Looks like someone tried their hand at DIY on these 2 vanities. A new coat of paint and they’d be gorgeous!

jm diy1J

jm diy1I

Either a fresh coat of stain or paint and this vanity and chest of drawers would be stunning. Only need one piece? They’re sold separately.

jm diy1B

jm diy1A

Need chairs? If the style of chairs is different, paint can bring them together!

jm diy1D

jm diy1E

This piece is a little dated with its stencil design but, of course, paint can fix that! And, who doesn’t need more storage?

jm diy1F

Drop leaf tables are perfect whether you have a small kitchen or if you do a lot of entertaining and need extra dining space for you guests. Just open it up when you need it, then fold it down for more living space.

jm diy1H

This small table would be the perfect size for a dorm room or small bedroom. A fresh coat of paint would give it new life!

jm diy1C The detail on the base of this large dining table would really stand out if it were painted!jm diy1K

Of course, we have a lot of pieces at Junk Mama’s that need no work at all. But, if stained wood isn’t your style, then it’s easy to change with a little paint.

jm diy1G

Are you ready to start a DIY project? We are available to answer any questions you might have and help you get started on your next project. Feel free to email us with any questions at

Collections…Salt & Pepper Shakers

At Junk Mama’s General Store, you can find a variety of salt and pepper shakers to add to your collection. What? You don’t collect salt & pepper shakers? Well, lots of people do. So many, in fact, that there are salt & pepper conventions, clubs, and even Facebook pages dedicated to collecting salt & pepper shakers.

Let’s take a look at some that are available at Junk Mama’s…

For a formal dinner, this pair would be appropriate…

JM S&P10

This pair of birds would add a unique touch to your table…


This set looks as though it came straight from Tuscany…


Check out these vintage sets of salt & pepper shakers…




We’re pretty sure we saw this groovy pair of mushroom salt & pepper shakers on the Brady Bunch table…


Have you ever seen any like this? We hadn’t…until now!


And, of course, you can always find newer style slat & pepper shakers at Junk Mama’s…


Whether you are a collector or not, these salt & pepper shakers will make a fun addition to your home. Visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store and get your collection started today.

The Patriotic Porch

jm porch july2015BOne of our favorite things about the house that is Junk Mama’s General Store, is the beautiful front porch. We add a new touch to it every month. One of our favorite times to decorate the front porch at Junk Mama’s is the 4th of July…

jm porch july2015KDon’t you love that blue trunk?

jm porch july2015I

Does the glider and matching rockers remind you of your childhood and summertime at Grandma’s?

jm porch july2015H

jm porch july2015J

Our patriotic porch wouldn’t be complete without the flag!

jm porch july2015G

jm porch july2015F

This hutch displays non-patriotic items but they fit right in with our red white and blue theme…

jm porch july2015LWhether or not you have a big porch like ours, don’t ignore your outdoor spaces. They make your home so much more warm and inviting when you fill them with things you love. Come see us at Junk Mama’s General Store… we’ll be happy to help you pick out a few things to add some charm to your porch… or patio… or deck… or yard…or………..

The Day The Gypsies Came To Town

May 30th was a fantastic day at
Junk Mama’s General Store
That’s the day the gypsies came to town.
 The Gypsy Junkers, that is.
The Gypsy Junkers are a Georgia based group of antique and vintage dealers. Some of the Gypsy Junkers travel around to different venues once a month to sell their treasures and on May 30th they set up on the porch and the lawn of 
Junk Mama’s General Store.
Louis, of Dust On The Bottle Collectibles, was the organizer of this event. Louis came with some great stuff!
These doors are awesome…
He had a great array of items…
Next to Louis, was Dana, of Bluebird Vintiques.
Don’t you love this bench?
Modern Rustic Creations was there with handcrafted furniture and more. This bench has a place to store your cooler!
 This patriotic bench is beautiful!
A pallet transformed into a place to hang your towels…
 They also do custom work!
Smith And King Designs brought their gorgeous furniture…
The marriage of wood and metal gives an industrial/cottage look…
Next we have H.J. Pags
Is it a purse or is it a bag?
 She also had other unique pieces…
The Green Eyed Georgia Peach had a nice selection of antiques and vintage…
 Now that’s an office chair!!!
 How sweet are these little booties?
Melissa of Fancy That Furnishings brought some beautifully painted pieces of furniture. 
Check out this gorgeous buffet…
and, these tables and frames…
Jessica, Junk Starlet By Tigerlilly, filled the front porch of Junk Mama’s General Store with her amazing art…
She even worked on more of her colorful creations while she was there…
Pike And Mills Funky Junk‘s motto is, reclaim, re-purpose, reuse!
They had everything from art…
to vintage…
to jewelry…
The Good Buy Girls had great deals on furniture, vintage items, antiques, and lots of “stuff”…
They had some great outdoor sets…

Mary was at Junk Mama’s with lots of cool antiques and vintage items. 

She had a large selection of beautiful needlepoint…

Toni, of Promised Land Estate Sales, also came loaded with lots of wonderful treasures. When is the last time you saw a vintage top hat?

She had vintage jewelry…

among other things…
She even had plants…

Valrey, a.k.a Picker Chic, is also one of the Junk Mama’s. She was happy to get in on the action with a variety of great items…

She had a pair of these gorgeous chairs that she painted and reupholstered…
Valrey also had a large selection of old tools…

Miles Moody also had a space filled with unique finds…

The most unique being these awesome lamps that he made…

One of the largest booths was that of 
Imperfectly Perfect Treasures

And boy did they have some treasures! 

And, last but certainly not least, we have
Monkeys Attic…

Check out their great selection of vintage suitcases…

There was some great junkin’ going on the day the gypsies came to town. Take a minute and go check the links to the Gypsy Junkers mentioned in this post. Be sure to tell them that we sent you!

Happy junkin!