Cookies For Santa

Santa will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re on the nice list by leaving out some cookies for the jolly soul! St. Nick will be even more thrilled if you serve his cookies on something pretty like these plates at Junk Mama’s General Store…

And, better yet, why not just leave the whole cookie jar out for the big guy?!!!

While we’re on the subject, what kind of cookies will you be making for Santa?


If you’ve ever been to Junk Mama’s General Store, then you’ve seen our motto…

And, it’s so true!

Let’s take a look at a few of the items you may have had your eye on that have sold recently…

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the pieces of furniture that went home with someone else!

Don’t live your life with regrets! There are plenty more awesome pieces at Junk Mama’s General Store just waiting for you to take them home. But don’t wait to long, someone may have been thinking about that piece last night!!!

Gift Guide 2016

jm-gift-guideEach day at noon, we have been featuring items on our Facebook page that are available at Junk Mama’s General Store that we think are great gifts for people on your Christmas list. If you’ve missed our GIFTAPALOOZA posts, don’t worry, we’re sharing the gift ideas here in one convenient place. Let’s take a look…


jm-gift-guide1Mugs & Reusable Red Cups…


Swedish Dish Cloths


Dish Towels…





jm-santa16d jm-santa16a jm-santa16b jm-santa16c

Jams & Jellies…


Map Necklaces & Key Chains…


Soaps & Lotions…



jm-bells3 jm-bells2




jm-ornaments jm-ornaments2 jm-ornaments3a

Mugs & Mixes…


Hand Painted Signs…


Framed Signs…


Soap Dispensers With Changeable Magnetic Designs…


Kind Key & Wish Key Necklaces…




Vintage Jewelry…

jm-vintage-jewelry1b jm-vintage-jewelry1d jm-vintage-jewelry1a

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for gifts this holiday season. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, so come see us and let us help you cross off everyone on your Christmas list!

Throwback Thursday…Holiday Open House

It’s Thursday! And with our HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE happening this Friday, November 10, & Saturday, November 11, we thought we’d throwback to some of our previous festivities!

Let’s stroll down memory lane and start on our pretty porch. If you are a regular, you know that we change the porch every month. Let’s take a look back at our Christmas porch…




And, you know we always have good food…






Last year we had fun with an Instagram booth…






The best part of this THROWBACK THURSDAY is looking back at the wonderful memories shared with our great customers. So many of you have become our friends. We are thankful for you all!




Make your plans to join us this Friday & Saturday from 10am until 5pm and be part of the wonderful memories we’ll create for Christmas 2016!

As always, thank you for your business!

Project Pieces

Do you enjoy DIY projects? Well, look no further for your next project than Junk Mama’s General Store! We have lots of pieces ready to be painted. And, of course, we have the paint and all the accessories to help you get started.

Want to start with something small? These candlesticks would be a great project for the novice or the expert…

jm project piece1C

Need a coffee table? This one would look great painted.

jm project piece1A

How about a desk?

jm project piece1E

jm project piece1F

Maybe these pieces are more what you are looking for…

jm project piece1H

jm project piece1D

jm project piece1B

Remember the sewing table we recently shared on Facebook that had been turned into a drink station? Well, here’s your opportunity to make one for yourself…

jm project piece1G

Think of all the things you could do with these shutters and cabinet door frames!

jm project piece1I

What would you do with these old doors and windows?

jm project piece1J

Whether you are newbie or an expert at DIY, Junk Mama’s is the place to look for your next project!

How To Use Dixie Dirt

Want to age decorative items or furniture? 
Well, put a little dirt on it…
Dixie Dirt, that is!
This tin ceiling tile had been painted white and lightly sanded. And that’s exactly how it looked…painted and sanded.
 Dixie Dirt from The Dixie Belle Paint Company will add more of a natural looking age effect. And, it’s easy peasy!
Start by adding clear wax…
Dip a paintbrush into the Dixie Dirt. Give it a tap to remove the excess dirt.
Paint the dirt onto the wax, concentrating in the recessed areas and grooves.
It will look a little heavy, or too dirty, at this point…
Use a rag to rub off some of the dirt until you achieve the desired look…
Perfectly aged…
and so easy!


What will you put some dirt on?


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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

As you walk around Junk Mama’s General Store, you’ll notice the abundance of roses. It is Spring after all… time for blooming roses, bees, and warm weather.

Let’s take a stroll through the “rose garden” and see if there are any roses you’d like to pick for your home!

These roses will last for years to come. And, there are no thorns!

JM roses1A

JM roses1F

JM roses1G

JM roses1E

JM roses1C

JM roses1H

JM roses1D

JM roses1B

JM roses1J

JM roses1I

JM roses1K

Light up any room with a lovely rose covered lamp…

JM roses1L

JM roses1M

JM roses1N

Once you have your lamps in place, you can add some beautiful artwork…

JM roses1Z4

JM roses1Z5

JM roses1Z6

JM roses1Z7

JM roses1Z8

JM roses1Z3

JM roses1Z9

Then you can add this beautiful folding screen…

JM roses1S

Need a doorstop?

JM roses1Z21

The rose detail on this shelf is lovely…

JM roses1O

Here are a few things you could add to this or any shelf…

JM roses1P

JM roses1Q

JM roses1R

What would you keep in these pretty rose covered boxes?

JM roses1V

JM roses1U

JM roses1W

JM roses1T

The trend in table settings is mismatched dishes. Stock up on a variety of rose covered china at Junk Mama’s General Store. We have lots of sets already bundled up and ready to take home…

JM roses1X

and, lots more to add to your collection…

JM roses1Z2

JM roses1Z1

JM roses1Z

JM roses1Y

These hand painted decorative plates and metal trays are lovely…

JM roses1Z10

JM roses1Z11

JM roses1Z12

JM roses1Z13

JM roses1Z14

JM roses1Z16

JM roses1Z15

We’ve even got you covered on the fashion end with this awesome purse…

JM roses1Z17

and vintage jewelry…

JM roses1Z18

As you can see, everything’s coming up roses at Junk Mama’s General Store!

Stop by and check out our variety of rose inspired items and so much more!

Tea Time

jm tea time

Spring has sprung! And, the blooming flowers and singing birds have us reminiscing about days gone by when Spring was the time to have the ladies over for a tea party. With a trip to Junk Mama’s General Store, we can help you bring back that tradition.

Need tea cups? We have some beautiful sets…

jm tea time1

jm tea time4

jm tea time3

jm tea time2

jm tea time5

Maybe you prefer the trend of mismatched teacups. We’ve got you covered there too…

jm tea time8

jm tea time9

jm tea time6

jm tea time7

We even have beautiful sets of mismatched teacups and dishes bundled up and ready for you to take home…

jm tea time13

jm tea time12

jm tea time11

We have a variety of unique teapots…

jm tea time18

jm tea time17

jm tea time16

jm tea time15

jm tea time14

jm tea time19

And, of course, we have a tea cart!

jm tea time10

Visit Junk Mama’s General Store today to stock up on items for your next tea party. Pinky up, sip, enjoy!

Do It Yourself

Are you a DIY fanatic? Or, do you just dabble in DIY projects? Maybe you want to do it yourself but are intimidated?

JM diy

Whether you are a pro at do it yourself projects, or are just getting started, Junk Mama’s General Store can provide you with great pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. Here are just a few of the pieces that we have in the store now that given a little attention would be beautiful.

Looks like someone tried their hand at DIY on these 2 vanities. A new coat of paint and they’d be gorgeous!

jm diy1J

jm diy1I

Either a fresh coat of stain or paint and this vanity and chest of drawers would be stunning. Only need one piece? They’re sold separately.

jm diy1B

jm diy1A

Need chairs? If the style of chairs is different, paint can bring them together!

jm diy1D

jm diy1E

This piece is a little dated with its stencil design but, of course, paint can fix that! And, who doesn’t need more storage?

jm diy1F

Drop leaf tables are perfect whether you have a small kitchen or if you do a lot of entertaining and need extra dining space for you guests. Just open it up when you need it, then fold it down for more living space.

jm diy1H

This small table would be the perfect size for a dorm room or small bedroom. A fresh coat of paint would give it new life!

jm diy1C The detail on the base of this large dining table would really stand out if it were painted!jm diy1K

Of course, we have a lot of pieces at Junk Mama’s that need no work at all. But, if stained wood isn’t your style, then it’s easy to change with a little paint.

jm diy1G

Are you ready to start a DIY project? We are available to answer any questions you might have and help you get started on your next project. Feel free to email us with any questions at

Collections: Beer Steins

Many of our customers are collectors. We have previously discussed how many people collect frogs. And there are those who collect ashtrays. Today we are talking about another popular collector item…


When you stop and take a good look at beer steins, you will see that they are a beautiful piece of art…

em beer stein1A

em beer stein1C

em beer stein1B

em beer stein1I

em beer stein1K

Even the lids are filled with beautiful detail…

em beer stein1J

em beer stein1D

Some beer steins tell a story. These gentlemen are out for a day of hunting…

em beer stein1G

How clever to make the handle a fox!

em beer stein1H

These ladies have been to church…

em beer stein1M

em beer stein1L

Even if you are not a collector of beer steins, the next time you come into Earth Mama’s, make sure you take a look at the ones in the store. You will definitely appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that each one holds!