Changing & Rearranging

The next time you visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store, you will see some changes. If you’ve been a customer for awhile, you know it’s quite common for us to change things up.

We are sad to say that our dear Junk Mama, Dawn has retired. She will always be a part of the junk mama family and we hope that we will still see her a lot!

With Dawn moving out of the butler’s pantry, that created a snowball effect of changing and rearranging. So, here’s what has been going on…

Dawn moves out and Mignon moves into the butler’s pantry…

JM maria and more1P

JM maria and more1Q

JM maria and more1O

JM maria and more1N

When Mignon moved into the butler’s pantry, she left 2 spaces vacant in the side room. So, Kelli moved over into one of those spaces…

JM maria and more1M Kelli & Patty are sharing the other space…

JM maria and more1L

JM maria and more1IAnd, Patty has added some extra storage to her existing space…

JM maria and more1G

JM maria and more1H

Are you keeping up so far? If so, then you know that that left Kelli’s space empty. So, Brittany moved out of the hall and into Kelli’s old space…

JM maria and more1J

JM maria and more1K

So what about Brittany’s space? Well, we are happy to announce the arrival of a new mama! We are thrilled to have our long time loyal customer and friend, Maria, as a new part of the Junk Mama family.

JM maria and more1A

JM maria and more1B

JM maria and more1E

JM maria and more1D

JM maria and more1C

JM maria and more1F

Make sure you come to see us soon and check out the changing and rearranging. We know you’re going to love it!