Think Outside The Planter Box

When it comes to plants, often times we stick to using traditional flower pots. And, of course, we have plenty of those at Junk Mama’s General Store.

jm flower pots1ATry and think outside the box and add interest to your garden with planters that are out of the ordinary. Watering cans are a normal garden item, but why not use them as a planter or vase?

jm flower pots1B

Metal buckets make great planters…

jm flower pots1I

jm flower pots1H

So do metal tins…

jm flower pots1M

Kitchen items such as enamel pots, bread boxes, colanders, & crocks make great planters…

jm flower pots1F

jm flower pots1E

jm flower pots1J

jm flower pots1K

jm flower pots1L

Wouldn’t this copper box look great filled with plants?

jm flower pots1C

Teapots and pitchers also add a unique twist to a garden…

jm flower pots1GThe next time you visit us at Junk Mama’s General Store, think outside the planter box and pick out something unique to add to your garden!