Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe that it is 2016! Thank you to all of our loyal customers!!! We look forward to a great year at Junk Mama’s General Store and growing our business. We have some fun things planned for the year.

If you are a regular customer, then you have seen our chair in the front room change for every season. If you haven’t seen it, then here is a little history…

The upholstered chair started like this…pumpkin chair1A

In October of 2014, our resident artist painted the chair, fabric and all, with a pumpkin theme for Fall.

pumpkin chair1F

pumpkin chair1P

In November of that year, the pumpkins got turned into ornaments for Christmas…

evolving chair1

The chair celebrated the new year in 2015…

new years chair

And, it wasn’t long before hearts graced the chair for Valentine’s Day…

evolving chair val1a

There have been more changes to the chair since then, and for 2016, we decided that a new color scheme was in order. So, we gave the arms and legs of the chair a fresh coat of Buttercream from The Dixie Belle Paint Company and the fabric got an update with Dixie Belle’s color The Gulf.

jm evolving chair1

The chair looks pretty like that. But, you know we can’t leave it alone! Help us come up with a design. Email us at junkmamasgeneralstore@gmail.com with your ideas.