Handcrafted Vintage Style

There was a time when households were filled with vintage linens. They not only added beauty to a table, they helped protect it. Whether it was mom, grandma, or an aunt, someone in the family knew the art of embroidery. Sadly, hand stitched embroidery has become a lost art. Luckily, there are places like Junk Mama’s General Store that can help you add touches of this lost art to your home. We have a large selection of embroidered linens and get in more everyday! Here are a few examples…

JM linens1F

JM linens1E

JM linens1D

JM linens1G

And, let’s don’t forget about the beautiful crocheted doilies that adorned many a table back in the day…

JM linens1B

JM linens1A

There was a time when even the dish rags and hot pads were beautifully handcrafted…

JM linens1C

Stop by Junk Mama’s soon and fill your home with touches of vintage craftsmanship!