Think Outside The Box

Do you think outside the box? Do you always use things for their intended purpose or do you get creative and use them in other ways? We’ve put together a few items that we think could be used in unique ways.

When you look at this vintage cooler, do you only see a cooler? We see a unique table. Attach a round wooden top to it and you have a functional conversation piece. Wooden table tops are available at home improvement stores and are inexpensive.

EM Think1D

Although you could bake in this pan, forget about it! It would be great in a drawer used to hold jewelry. Or, if you make jewelry, it would be a perfect way to keep your beads sorted!

EM Think1B

Having a party? Wouldn’t your guests have a chuckle if your utensils were displayed in this head vase? Or, use it to hold straws.

EM Think1C

Shoe shine box? Nah! Roll up towels and store them in the box. Use the top as a shelf to place toiletries. Or, use it to hold extra rolls of toilet paper!

EM Think1A

This hoosier doesn’t have to be used in a kitchen. It would make a great desk in a kids room!

EM Think1E

Do you have any other ideas on how to use these items? We’d love to hear from you!