Craftsmanship #2

We have started a series where we feature craftsmanship. We first featured this great handmade cooler. We think it would make a great Father’s Day gift!

EM Cooler1A

EM Cooler1D

In this second installment of “craftsmanship” we are featuring this

beautiful drop leaf table.

EM pew table1AThis table has history!!! It is made out of church pews from a Methodist Church inNew York that burned. Some of the wood from the pews was saved. The wood was sanded down so you can still see the beautiful knots…

EM pew table1B

There are burn marks where the metal brackets for the hymnal racks burned deep into the wood…

EM pew table1CWouldn’t you rather have a table with history like this one

rather than one made in a factory?